Venue: St. Mary Hall (Room A) / The Catholic Research Institute of Medical School 1002 (Room B)

Training course

Venue: Main Auditorium, The Catholic University of Korea

Poster 채택 리스트

Oral 채택 리스트

Time   Program Chair/Speaker
08:30-09:20 Hand trauma (Free Paper 10) Hyun Oun Hahn (Hahn Hyun Oun Plastic Surgery)
Hyun Dae Shin (Chungnam National University)
08:30-08:38 F-A10-1 Surgical treatment of avulsion fracture of metacarpophalangeal joint : a case series. Jung-Hyun, Lee
08:38-08:46 F-A10-2 Comparison of results based on number of Kirschner wires inserted in Intramedullary fixation of metacarpal fractures Jung-hyun Park
08:46-08:54 F-A10-3 Conservative treatment and delayed excision of volar plate avulsion fractures of the finger proximal interphalangeal joint Sang-lim Lee
08:54-09:02 F-A10-4 Mini-Open Reduction and Extension Block Pinning for Mallet Fractures: A Minimally Invasive Technique for Anatomical Reduction and Patients’ Convenience Seung-Han Shin
09:02-09:10 F-A10-5 Is Hyperextension Enough to Reduce Mallet Fracture? Technical Tip for Reduction of Mallet Fracture by Applying Traction with Towel Clamps Il Seo
09:10-09:20 Discussion
09:20-10:10 Traveling  Fellows Presentation 1 Sung Hoon Ko (Gwangmyeong Sungae Hospital)
Eul Sik Yoon (Korea University)
  Carbon Nanotube Yarns Induce Axonal Regeneration In Peripheral Nerve Defect Akira Kodama (Hiroshima University, Japan)
  Arthroscopic Strategy for Treatment of Scaphoid Fracture and Sequelae Yi Chao Huang (Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan)
  Plating - Extending WALANT Application to Fracture Management Chun-Yu Chen (Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan)
10:10-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-11:20 Traveling  Fellows Presentation  2 Sung Gyun Jung (Eulji Uuiversity)
Jong Woong Park (Korea University)
  An Analysis of Clinical Presentation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:
Insight of a Multi-ethnicity Population
Liew Siew Khei (University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia)
  Capal Instability Non-Dissociative Following Acute Wrist Fracture Woon Man Margaret Fok (Queen Mary hospital, Hong Kong)
  Stroke-Hand Surgery Service: the development of an outpatient care pathway in Singapore Tong Pei Yein (Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore)
11:20-12:20 Wrist (Free Paper 11) Jae Sung Seo (W Hospital)
Yoon Kyu Chung  (Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine)
11:20-11:28 F-A11-1 Proximal migration of retrograde headless screw after union of proximal scaphoid fracture and nonunion: report of 3 cases. Jin-Chul Oh
11:28-11:36 F-A11-2 A new headless screw insertion point for proximal pole scaphoid nonunion treatment using dorsal anterograde approach Jung-Jun Hong
11:36-11:44 F-A11-3 The center of rotation of the ulnar head during forearm rotation: is there an isometric point? Seung-Han Shin
11:44-11:52 F-A11-4 Morphologic characteristics of the sigmoid notch of the distal radius in patients with peripheral triangular fibrocartilage complex tear Hyun-Kwon Kim
11:52-12:00 F-A11-5 The diagnostic value of wrist ulnar deviation view in triangular fibrocartilage complex foveal tears Hyun-Seok Seo
12:00-12:08 F-A11-6 Autologous Cancellous Bone Graft and Headless Compression Screw Fixation for Treatment of Scaphoid Waist Nonunion Young-Hun Lee
12:08-12:20 Discussion
12:20-12:30 Closing Remarks